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• 12/20/2018

Category Ideas

Hey! So as a content mod, I've felt a bit like the wiki might need a few more categories. It's relatively small, but since it gets bigger all the time, a few more specific categories might be helpful.

My suggestions are in the pol below. Please vote on the ones you think should be made official!

What new categories should be made?
  • LGBT+ (For all characters not straight or cisgender)
  • Deceased cats
  • Kits (For either cats in the kit rank, or others under 6 moons)
  • Antagonists (For cats in stories that are evil/opposed)
  • Loners/Rogues/Kittypets
  • Non-cats (like dogs, twolegs, and so on)
  • Magical cats (Or maybe Empowered cats?)
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• 12/18/2018
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• 12/18/2018

Chat Hour!

Hello, all users of the wiki.

Since I would like to get chat a little bit more 'active', I am going to host a Chat Hour! This Chat Hour is basically a period of time where most people come online to chat. It's okay to miss it!

You people are deciding when to host this little event. Please comment the times you are most likely to be online in the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) timezone. You can use to help find out what your active times are in GMT. I hope to see you all in chat!

What day should it be on?
  • Monday (Next Week)
  • Tuesday (Next Week)
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
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• 12/6/2018


I'd like to encourage everyone to try getting on chat now and then! I will try to be on there more often, and I want to see you guys! ^-^

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• 11/4/2018


Are crossover fanfictions allowed? There aren't any fanfic rules on the rules page so...

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• 11/2/2018

Roleplay Sites For Warrior Cats?

Requirements: Free to use, secure, etc.

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• 10/19/2018

In Loving Memory of GlenDusk

Hello, all users of the wiki.

I would like you all to remember GlenDusk.

She joined the wiki (was 'born on this wiki') on January 7th, 2018, and earned her rights three days later due to the fact the wiki was still being rebuilt. She had the rights for 7-8 months before losing them on 31st August, 2018, after the votes came in. After that she responded to our messages, and, some time later (around 1 month), she closed her account ('died on this wiki') in September-October.

She was a very cheerful user, with those joyful smiley faces at the end of each sentence. She had a comforting tone that didn’t scare new users, and made coding requests that delighted our community. Sadly, only a minority of the active users on this wiki have known and met GlenDusk before. There are a lot of new users on this wiki who have not met her because of how busy she was in real life after June. However, we must all pay respects to her.

We must all take a minute of silence if you have never met GlenDusk, since you will never know her, and two minutes if you have, to pay extra respect to someone you enjoyed having on this wiki.

~ R I P ~



January 2018 - September 2018

💐we'll never forget you💐

How mich do you miss GlenDusk?
  • *sobs* I WANT HER BACK!!!!!!
  • She was wonderful. We cannot forget what she has done for us. <3
  • I never met her but I wish to pay my respects.
  • *places bouquet of flowers beside her wiki gravestone* ;n;
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• 10/8/2018

Official Date of Tribe Contest

Hello warriors fans,

The tribe contest, as discussed by Watermelon Army, Hollywing and I irl, will take place on October 23rd. About two weeks should be enough to prepare your tribes for the contest. The date is official and will not be changed unless there is something urgent.


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• 10/3/2018


Does anyone know why Rising Storm (#4) had it's portrait picture changed from Cloudpaw and Fireheart to Sandstorm and Fireheart? I've found no answers anywhere.

Post image
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• 10/2/2018

Page Purge

Hello, warriors fans.

On the last day of this month, also the famous event of Halloween (31st October), a page purge take place. Since this wiki is still small and removing most of its pages can cause major minority of them, the limit is 250 bytes. Don't worry, you have a lot of time to increase those bytes.

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• 9/30/2018

2018 September Newsletter

Last week's newsletter was a bit confusing, according to some users, so I tried to make this one a bit clearer.


Every clan was at the gathering - Petalstar with RiverClan, Northstar with WindClan, Breezestar with ThunderClan, Ravenstar with ShadowClan and Berrystar with SkyClan. All the Fanon Clans were having a gathering somewhere else.

After each cat was silent, Petalstar began the gathering. "Welcome, cats of all clans, back to the monthly gathering. Today we will share latest news, reminders and more. Northstar, take it from here. Promotions."


Northstar sat up on the Great Rock, proud and tall. "A user, known as AvalonCat, set up a promotion page on September 6th. All users who had voted had agreed to her nomination, and therefore she became a content mod. We must all cheer for her!"

"Avalon! Avalon!" The cheering was long, loud and clear, until Northstar gently shushed them, and gave the talking to Ravenstar. "You will speak on the topic of the Tribe Contest."


Ravenstar let the WindClan leader sit down before she spoke. "As you may have heard, there will be a tribe contest sometime during October and November, which will introduce a new tribe! Most of you are familiar with the Tribe of Rushing Water, a tribe of cats that live in the snowy mountains, and have long names, for example: Tooth Of Bright Snake, shortened to Tooth. We wonder what kind of tribe will appear on the wiki!" On that note, Ravenstar sat down, and gave a look at Berrystar that said 'you’re next'.


"We have some new users who have joined the community quite recently." The SkyClan leader looked at some unfamiliar faces in a corner. "Please welcome: Willowkit the Kitten, CoatlSeaWing, FeatherflightTheSkyWing, Gamball29DarkgambALl33, Valiant the Wolf Pup, Mysterypine and Raybean. They have joined our clan, and will be part of it for seasons to come. Unless, that is, if they choose to leave or will stay inactive, or break the rules, which leads on to a slightly stricter note. Petalstar, could you carry on from here?"


The RiverClan leader stood up, glaring at each cat. "Quite a lot of rules have been broken in this month," she meowed. "I would like to remind you all, like in the previous newsletter, to read the rules again, and regularly. Plus, try to avoid to break these regularly broken rules: badge farming, advertising, adding new categories and infoboxes etc." Petalstar stopped glaring, just as everyone thought she was suddenly going to attack the other leaders. "Make sure to read the rules again and again so that you get a clear view of them, and know what rules you must not break." She flicked her tail to Breezestar, who hadn’t spoken yet.


Breezestar lifted from her position on the rock, her eyes glittering. "I would like to thank all users who decided to join this wiki. What used to be a broken-down mess of uncategorised old pages and inactive admins, is now a bustling community that is still growing to this day. Thanks to Aniju Aura, who created this wiki eight years ago, and thanks to all the users who brought it back to life January this year. DewSpectrum11's adoption of this successful wiki is almost a year ago from now, and we would be happy to celebrate it next January! Speaking of the start of the year... the Clan Contest! Ahh, a lot of users particularly enjoy this annual event, so rather than five entries, like there were this year, there would be even more entries, so more ideas to review! This will start February 2019, so you will have plenty of time to prepare your FanClans." She paused at the waiting cats. "I declare this gathering over. I hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and I hope it was clearer than the previous one."

And with that, each cat returned to their camps. What a wonderful gathering night.

Did you enjoy this newsletter?
  • 5/5 - It was amazing!!!!!!!
  • 4/5 - Brilliant work!
  • 3/5 - It's great.
  • 2/5 - I'm not sure...
  • 1/5 - Ugh. Not that good at all.
  • 0/5 - UGH!! THIS IS REALLY BAD! (I doubt if anyone will select this XD
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• 9/22/2018

How Are Kits Meant to be in Roleplays??

There's no queens in, like, any of the Clans!
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• 9/20/2018

Unused Warrior Cat Images

There are many unused images on the wiki that need to be used. In the following link, it will take you to all the unused images on the wiki. Please refrain from using copyrighted work such as the warrior bases from the canon wiki. I encourage that you use the IRL images to avoid using copyrighted work. Some drawn images you may use such as the custom bases used for this wiki.;offset=0
UnusedFiles Warriors Fanon Wiki
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• 9/7/2018


When's next Clan contest?
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• 9/5/2018
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• 9/4/2018

A quick reminder for all of you

I will be adding a bot to the wiki. Their username is DewSpectrum11-bot. Please be aware of this!
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• 8/31/2018

A note about the 'Affiliations' title in infoboxes

'Affiliation' means 'current clan' for example:

Current Affiliation: ThunderClan

Past Affiliation(s): Loner

To show your character has a specific rank, they need to have a category showing their rank. Also, in the same infobox, there are the names your oc was called as it went through these ranks. If you want to show it from there, put '(current)' next to the one they currently are. (They don't have to do it.)

Thanks, and may StarClan light your path.
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• 8/29/2018

2018 August Newsletter

"Welcome to the gathering!" Northstar announced. All the cats in the clearing settled down. The yellow tabby she-cat was sitting on her branch in the great oak. Next to her was Petalstar of RiverClan, Ravenstar of ShadowClan, and Berrystar of SkyClan. The ThunderClan leader was no where to be seen. Rumor had spread that ThunderClan had grown quite small and that they were leaderless. “We do not know where ThunderClan is or where their leader is but we pray that StarClan is with them and that they will return soon.” Northstar meowed. Petalstar dipped her head in agreement.

“We would also like to welcome three new Clans, FireClan, FogClan, and WolfClan.” Berrystar shouted. The cats in the clearing began chanting their names. Northstar looked down at the leaders of the new clans who beamed with pride. “Please, come take your spot in the great oak and introduce yourselves to us.” Ravenstar nodded to the leaders who sat below them. One by one, they each leaped into the air and joined the other leaders in the branches. A Silver she-cat took her place on a branch next to Northstar, her silver fur groomed so it gleamed in the moonlight. A darker grey tabby tom sat next to Ravenstar. Another grey tom was last to climb up and took his spot near Berrystar.
“I am Stormstar, leader of FireClan. We thank you for your warm welcome.” They grey tom by the name of Stormstar dipped his head and sat down. “I am Shimmerstar, leader of WolfClan.” The silver tabby proclaimed. Northstar noticed many cats in the crowd puff their chests with pride. “And I am Fogstar, leader of FogClan.”

There was a still silence after Fogstar spoke. Then Ravenstar began, “We would like to welcome some new warriors to the clans. Lunarstorm (Drawkill Dragon), Hollyfrost (Rainwingloverforever) of RiverClan, Sootpaw (1FreeWolf) of FireClan, and Kaya (Kayalolz12)” Petalstar and Stormstar glared at Ravenstar but it soon faded away when the whole clearing began chanting their names. “LUNARSTORM!!! HOLLYFROST!!!! SOOTPAW!!!! KAYA!!!!” The four cats gave their fur a few embarrassed licks.

Petalstar flicked her tail for silence. Northstar could tell anger brewed in her. “There recently has been a rogue who has been seen messing up Diamondstar's page. However, I, I mean, we, drove them away and they will no longer be bothering us.” All the RiverClan cats nodded while a few glared at their leader.

Northstar flicked her tail. “A reminder to new warriors is to not add any new categories. We already have quite a mess with them and the admins are working hard to clean it up. If you have a suggestion for a new category, please contact an admin or Content Mod about it.” Many cats looked at Northstar confused while some had guilty faces. Indeed this was a fanon base for warrior lovers and this was a made up gathering written by Northstar herself, but somethings had to be addressed directly.

“We also encourage users to please re-read the wiki rules.” Berrystar chimmed in. “As I am sure none of us have forgotten them, they tend to slip our mind sometimes and we may mix them up with other rules. Checking in on them regularly will help keep the community friendly.” Petalstar nodded in agreement. All the leaders sat in silence for a few seconds. Neither knowing what to say. Stormstar dipped his head. “I call this gathering adjourned.” Northstar announced. She leaped down from her perch to join her clan mates as did the other leaders.

Okay guys so here is a simplified version of the newsletter. I tried to come up with something creative and I hope you guys liked the little skit I put on. Anyways, I believe this may be the first newsletter in a while so there are a few things to cover.

==New Users==
First I would like to welcome a few new users to the wiki. Please, go say hello to them and chat with them!!!
Drawkill Dragon
Xx Hollywing xX

==Cleaning Up==
Another matter I would like to address is categories. Currently right now our staff team is working hard to clean off the dust from this old wiki as we try to rebuild it. Our categories are currently in quite a jumble so we do ask that you refrain from creating new ones. You can find current categories in the category guide found in the top navigation bar.
Also as we continue to clean up the wiki, there are some old users who haven’t edited any pages for many years. If you come across any pages, characters, or fanfictions that have not been edited by the owner in a year, please categorize it as “Candidates for Deletion.” Completed Fanfictions however will be kept on the wiki as they are completed. Unfinished fanfictions may be deleted as they will never be edited again. For character pages, you may adopt the Characters if you will as long as the user hasn’t been active in a year.

Another matter to address is vandalism. DewSpectrum11 unfortunately had to ban a user for vandalizing a page. If you see any vandalized page, please report it to an staff member immediately so we can remove the vandalism as soon as possible.

Thank for reading this and I hope you have enjoyed the wiki so far.
May StarClan light your path.
Did you like the Newsletter?
  • Yes it was Awesome!!!
  • No I hated it.
  • I liked the first part but not the second part.
  • I liked the second part but not the first part.
  • Meh it was ok.
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• 8/20/2018

Create a prophecy

So, in this thread anyone will list the message of a prophecy and anyone else may say “mine” or “dibs” or something to show they will make the prophecy.
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• 8/10/2018

Who thinks this Wiki is dead?

  • It is totally dead, see I am the only one left alive!
  • Its just small, not dead.
  • Dead as a mouse, even the admins are dead.
  • This wiki is ALIVE and thriving!!!!
  • RIP wiki
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