Cat-1417278 1920


Asterfang is a dark tabby tom. His eyes are a dark yellow-hazel, and one side of his face is ravaged by three long, vertical claw marks - partially blinding him in his left eye.

He was given the suffix 'fang' because of the unusual length of his canines, which are visible even when he closes his mouth - this gives him a threatening appearance, something that made him an obvious candidate for deputyship.

Asterfang has a muscular frame, but he's rather short and stocky for the usual BrambleClan cat.


Asterfang is an ambitious tom. He seeks to please and mollify, and he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. All in all, he's a formidable foe and an admirable ally, someone you do not want to cross.

Asterfang is skilled with stealth, able to move quietly from bush to bush without so much as a whisper. He is self-motivated and sees each event as an opportunity to better himself.

However, Asterfang is insecure, no matter how confident he may seem. He has his doubts - about what others think of him, the place he holds in the Clan.


  • He was going to be a medicine cat, but was forced into being a warrior by his father.
  • He has only had one apprentice.
  • It's rumoured that Asterfang has RiverClan blood.