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Warning: Spoiler alert - if you haven't finished Omen of the Stars then do not read this!


Lionblaze: (Breezepelt confronts him) Breezepelt!

Breezepelt: Yes, its me. Many warriors are dead, and now it's your turn to die.

Lionblaze: Breezepelt, no!

Suddenly, Ivypool comes in.

Ivypool: Breezepelt, do you really want to destroy the Clans for Brokenstar's sake?

Breezepelt: I do! (Turning to Lionblaze) Lionblaze, you, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather should have never been born! You are flea-pelted crow-food-eating ACCIDENTALS! Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw lied to you, and a MEDICINE CAT gave birth to you. You should be dead by now! (Pounces on Lionblaze)

Ivypool: Lionblaze!

Lionblaze: (Dodges Breezepelt's move and pins him down) Breezepelt, no. It isn't us who should die. (Breezepelt attempts to escape but he pressed him down harder) We have the power of the stars in our paws. It's you who should never have been born. YOU have to die. (Lionblaze claws his throat and he coughs blood)

Breezepelt: [Hoarsely] Lionblaze... (coughs blood) you mangy flea-pelt... this (coughs even more blood) should be reversed. You had to die... (coughs really heard and then goes limp)

Ivypool: [Shocked] You... you killed Breezepelt! I'm so happy! (Mews with delight at Breezepelt's body, which is still shedding blood)

???: Lionblaze! What have you done to Breezepelt?

Lionblaze recognised Heathertail. She was with her daughters, Smokepaw and Brindlepaw, and Crowfeather, her father-in-law.

Crowfeather: What have you done to Breezepelt?

Lionblaze: It was not me. (He hissed) It was that cat over there. (he pointed to a dead Dark Forest tom) I avenged Breezepelt's death.

Crowfeather: Really?

Ivypool: Yes. I saw everything.

Crowfeather: I believe you, Lionblaze. You are my son after all. (He gave a strange smile)

Lionblaze: We'll bury him later. There's a battle to fight! (Mind: I seriously don't want to carry that mouse-brained crow-food-eater...)

After the battle, all the good non-StarClan cats who died had their spirits rise up to them. All except for Breezepelt. His spirit was going to the defeated Dark Forest.

Breezepelt: StarClan, you stupid furballs! Why? WHY? WHY WITH THE DARK FOREST!

No one answers him.

Breezepelt: Lionblaze is meant to be here! I HATE that big golden mouse! I want to rip him to shreds as if he were a weak branch! (Carves Lionblaze's face on a dead tree of the Dark Forest and scrapes it up) Lionblaze, you should've come here. You seriously need to die now.