Here is all the territories of all the Clans feactured at Warriors Fanon. Just add the name your Clan's territory in a new section and anything inportant. We don't want a bunch of territory pages so we will use only one here. You can add pictures of you territory as well so veiwers can see where each clan lives and what is in thier territory. Each group of Clans liev in different places so not all will interact so this way people know what Clan lives where and who they live with. Not all Clans have to live in a real place on earth like the Land of Fire Clans who live in Yellowstone.

Land of Fire

Clans That Live Here Are: BlazeClan, StormClan, ForestClan and EchoClan

BlazeClan lives in a pine forest and near the hot waters. They also have a river and lake in their territory.

StormClan lives on the Yellowstone plateau. Their territory in mostly up hill till it levels off on a glassy plains and thin pine forest.

ForetClan live in the thickest forest of the Land of Fire. Their home is hill, canyons, rivers and tall pines.

EchoClan lives in a canyon near the Plataea. There are manu caves in their territory.

Against The Elements

Clans That Lives Here Are: FireClan, EarthClan, WaterClan and AirClan

FireClan holds the Redwood forest as their territory.

EarthClan occupise a gravel pit, a thick forest outside of the twolegged's campsite and a small canyon.

WaterClan live at the sandy shore, cliffs and valleys beside the ocean. They also own the rocky sea port where twolegs keep their boats.

AirClan lives in the hills and valleys by the twolegs camp site. They have the strawberry fields in their territory but they don't hunt there.

Oblivion Warriors

Clans That Live Here Are: BrightClan, PrairieClan, DesertClan and FriskyClan

BrightClan live on the golden hills by the coast.

PrairieClan live on the grassy prairie lands.

DesertClan live in the sandy dunes of a desert.

FriskyClan lives in a pine forest near an old mining town and a campsite.

Warriors Clans

ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan RiverClan, SkyClan and BloodClan are not for roel playing and don't appreare in stories but cats often coem from these Clans.

ThunderClan live in the forest near the Tunderpath.

Windlan live on the hilly marsh.

RiverClan live at the river near the lake.

ShadowClan live in a grass land

SkyClan lives in the canyon.

BloodClan lives in the back allies of the twoleg town.

Underground Tunnels

DeepClan lives here. The tunnels stretch from horseplace to WindClan's lake territory.

Great Wide Wood

Three Clans live here,ValleyClan,GreenClan,and PineClan.

ValleyClan live and have a whole valley to themselfs.

PineClan live in the Pinetrees,in an old Twoleg lookout(treehouse).

GreenClan live in bare medows and camp underground.

Sunset Valley

The Clans that live here are SorrowClan, RageClan, and JoyClan.

RageClan lives in the underground, through many maze-like chambers and paths.

SorrowClan lives in a great cave at the top of a mountain.

JoyClan has the grassy field in between.