Appearance Template:Warrior cat character infoboxLeechpaw is a small, thin, orange she-cat with green eyes, she has light green eyes and a light pink nose.


Leechpaw's search

Greenpaw had a good childhood. She usally got into all sorts of mischief when she was a kit. One day while exploring the camp she found a very odd looking rock. she gave it to the medicine cat, Silvermask, to see what it was. it turned out to be a warning to shadowclan about windclan cats that were coming to attack. Two moons later, after the bloody battle. Greenpaw became Silvermask's apprentice. While gathering herbs one day she fell into the river and got attacked by leeches, she was covered in bites and blood. Owlfeather, her father, renamed her leechpaw. After healing up and having a stern lecture from her mentor, She continued training. Few days after the incident, her mentor went missing, patrols were sent to find the old she-cat, but all of them failed to find Silvermask. that night, leechpaw snook out of her den to go find her mentor.

(too be continued)