Lightningstar is a golden she-cat with a white chest and tail, and green eyes. She is the current leader of LightningClan.


First Moons

Lightning was born to Sunny and Dusty in a twoleg home with the kittypet name Trudi. She was the only kit of Sunny's litter. She was a very curious kit, sniffing each corner and exploring every pawstep of land in her home. She enjoyed everything, and was cared for well by her twolegs.


One day, Trudi grew a little old, and didn't really like her parents or twolegs anymore. So, one night, she decided to sneak out of her home and run around in the wilderness. She covered her pelt with the smell of the wild and tore her collar off by looping it on a tree branch. Then she ran away.

Meeting With Others

Whilst Trudi was escaping, she met a few other cats, known as Shade, Thunder, Rivulet, Rapid, Reed, Slate and Breeze. She thought that if she told them her true kittypet name, she would be killed, so she took the name Lightning. They lived with each other until a dreadful moment.

The Storm

A huge storm, with raging winds like a hurricane, damaged the cats' home. Lightning ran with them to escape the storm, but it was too strong for some. Reed got hit by a falling tree. Slate slipped and was unable to catch up, then fell down a crevace. Rapid and Thunder got struck by lightning. Thunder died, but Rapid continued, later dying.

After the storm, the only survivors were Lightning, Shade, Rivulet and Breeze.

Creating a New Clan

After the storm, the cats who died in the storm told them to forge new clans in a dream. Lightning did so, without hesitation. She gathered many loyal members, becoming known as Lightningstar, leader of LightningClan.

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Lightningstar by Nibby!