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Moonglow is a gray-blue she-cat w/ tabby swirls and stripes. she has a few markings that look like bubbles, and her left-front paw is white. she is very strong.


Moonglow is a feisty, kind she-cat. she is very independent and considerate, and will not hesitate to protect someone she loves. She is quite sensitive, and a bit reckless. she is very bold.


Moonglow was born outside of FogClan to Amber, a loner, and Mason, a kittypet. Mason didn't want to be a father, so he left Amber before she had her kits. Amber had her two kits in a den she had made in a hole in a tree. She named the she-kit Moon and the tom Luke. Moon and her brother had a very close bond. when she was 6 1/2 moons old, she was hunting with her brother when they ran into a FogClan patrol

The patrol leader asked them if they wanted to join FogClan. they immediately said no. they walked back to their mother. amber told them it was time they met their father.

Amber walked them to Mason's twoleg den. he met them with surprise, then muttered, "Let's get this over with." Luke ended up taking a liking to the life he saw as a kittypet and decided to stay with twolegs. but not with his father.

Moon was devastated. she didn't want to be a kittypet, but life as a loner didn't feel right without both Luke and her mother. so she went to the next best thing: FogClan.

Moon was 7 moons old when she was given the name Moonpaw by Fogstar. her mentor was _____.

Her first day as a FogClan apprentice was mostly uneventful. when her mentor took her out hunting the next day, she saw a familiar gray pelt.

It was Amber, her mother. Amber had moved next to FogClan territory and had wanted to make sure her daughter was ok. Afterward, she left.

at 12 moons, Moonpaw was given the warrior name Moonglow. in her first day as a warrior, she went to the border closest to twoleg place, hoping to see her brother. she saw the den he had gone to stay at, and walked over.

Suddenly, she heard a noise behind her and turned around to see Luke. He yelled, "Moon!" She ran up to him and caught him up on what had happened in the last 5 moons.