Sequal to the kits dreams and second book of the HawkClan series. Tensions begin between Newtstep and Dustleap after he tells him his omen, Thrushstar finds love again and a happy occasion may be the breaking of one cat's heart.

1. Prolouge

As Feathersplash did her vigil, Thrushstar and Windclaw shared his den. "Leopardclaw let you go?" Windclaw asked. "Yes" Thrushstar said, the pain obvious in his eyes. His gaze softened at Windclaw. "You've been great to me since I lost her and I think we're getting closer" he said nervously.

"What are you saying?" Windclaw asked.

"Windclaw, will you be my mate?" Thrushstar asked quickly.

"Yes!" Windclaw exclaimed, smiling. Then, the smile faded. "Will your sons approve of this?" she asked.

"Newtstep and Dustleap will find out one day" Thrushstar said. "Now isn't."

Windclaw smiled, snuggled into Thrushstar's brown fur and slept with her new found mate.

2. The hunting patrol

Newtstep's eyes opened to see an exausted Feathersplash grab a robin and head to the apprentice den to move her nest to the warriors den. However, it seemed that the robin was the last piece of prey. As there were currently no kits or elders, the warriors could take prey whenever they could. Feathersplash brought her nest to the warriors den, on the outside of the circle. "I'm sorry I took the last prey" Feathersplash said to her mother.

"What are you sorry about my daughter?" Wolfpelt asked. "You deserved it." She looked at her warmly. Newtstep saw his brother Dustleap get up. He was his best friend, though he still didn't tell him about what he saw when their father became leader. "Hey Newtstep" he said. "What's up?"

"We've got no prey" Newtstep said. "Feathersplash took the robin."

"Newtstep! Dustleap! Sparrowwing! Come over here!" Yellowstripe yelled. Newtstep's former mentor was fitting in well to his role as deputy. Newtstep's and Dustleap's father's brother sleeepily rose to his paws. The three cats came out of the den and saw Windclaw and Yellowstripe there. "Alright, are you four ready to hunt?" Yellowstripe asked. "I'm ready!" Newtstep exclaimed.

"So am I!" Dustleap exclaimed as well.The two more senior warriors nodded.

"Alright, go!" Yellowstripe yelled.

"Where are you going to hunt?" Newtstep asked his brother.

"The forest of course!" Dustleap said quietly.

"I'm going ther too!" Newtstep exclaimed excitedly but quietly. As Windclaw and Sparrowwing hunted on the moor, the other two headed to the forest. Newtstep remembered sneaking out with his brother almost at this time when they were kits. It wasn't long until he was distracted from his thoughts by a shrew nibbling on a leaf. Dustleap had already left to hunt somewhere else in the forest, leaving the shrew to him. in a quick swipe, the shrew was dead. Newtstep his his prey under a pile of leaves and then began looking for more prey items. Just a few steps he walked and he saw a squirrel, harvesting it's nuts for leaf bare. Newtstep had even forgot that it was leaf fall and prey was starting to get scarace.  He pounced onto it and brought it to his leaf pile. He searched the forest for more prey items, though he couldn't see any more. He opened his jaws wide. He scented a chaffinch, close and fresh as well. He saw it in a tree, singing it's little heart out. Newtstep climbed the tall tree and gave a swift bite to the throat. He jumped down from the tree and put the chaffinch under his leaf pile. Then a large treat appeared in front of him, pecking at the ground. A pheasant! Newtstep thought. He leapt at it and with all his might, killed the lage bird. Yeah! Newtstep thought and added the bird to his leaf pile. A magpie was now in the tree above his leaf pile. He climbed it quickly, gave a swift bite to the throat and jumped down the tree, the magpie in his mouth. He saw Dustleap coming towards him. "Newtstep, we have to come back now" his brother said.

"Alright" Newtstep said and the two brothers left, prey in their mouths.

3. Pieces

Dustleap dropped his prey, a mouse, a water vole, a robin, a chaffinch and a sparrow, onto the fresh kill pile. Newtstep dropped his prey, along with Sparrowwing, with a hare, a rabbit, a bird a mouse and a shrew and Windclaw, with a magpie, a mouse, a squirrel, a hare and a  chaffinch. The warriors started to eat. When they were finished, there was nothing left for the hunters. "We didn't catch enough!" Dustleap exclaimed.

"I know!" Newtstep exclaimed as well, though there was something strange in his voice, like something hateful. This isn't like Newtstep Dustleap thought. However, he decided not to investigate further and went out to hunt again with the other warriors, this time with Brokensnow tagging along.  She also missed out on breakfast and decided to hunt with them. Dustleap walked next to his former mentor. "I think Yellowstripe is fond of you" he said. He saw a small smile creep up onto Brokensnow's face. "You like him too?" Dustleap asked smugly. Brokensnow whacked him with her tail. "I didn't teach you to be a mousebrain, didn't I?" she snapped. The way she scolded him was almost the same way his mother did. "No Brokensnow" he said. Brokensnow then looked at him. "Yes, I do like him" she said with a resigning sigh. "But should I ask him now?" she asked. Dustleap gave a smirk, then Brokensnow kneeded her paws. "I'm asking who I once taught!" she exclaimed. "I'm such a mousebrain!"

"Let's just hunt" Dustleap said. Brokensnow nodded, then they went.

4. Yellowstripe's nerves

"Calm down Yellowstripe! You look like you're going to become Yellowstar today!" Redwing tried to calm his best friend, who was pacing around highrock. "But how?" Yellowstripe asked. "I'm going to ask the cat I've had my eye on since we were apprentices and I think I'm going to blow it!" Yellowstripe exclaimed.

"You won't!" Redwing exclaimed. "Brokensnow has her eyes on you too!"

"How do you know?" Yellowstripe asked, stopping.

"I've seen her look at you with those warm eyes" Redwing said. Yellowstripe smiled, then saw Brokensnow coming back, a rabbit, a shrew, a mouse, a blackbird and a magpie in her mouth. She dropped her prey and then, after the hunters had their breakfast, Yellowstripe came down from highrock. "Hey Brokensnow" Yellowstripe said. "Hey Yellowstripe! Is something wrong?" Brokensnow asked.

"No. I.. I've wanted to tell you something earlier, but I couldn't" he said nervously. Brokensnow looked at him oddly. "What do you mean?" she asked. Yellowstripe sighed, then said the words he had been willing to say. "Brokensnow, will you be my mate?" Yellowstripe asked. Brokensnow smiled.

"Yes! Of course I will be your mate!" she exclaimed. Yellowstripe smiled at her warmly and as Brokensnow went into the warriors den, Yellowstripe and Redwing sat together. "I finally did it!" Yellowstripe exclaimed quietly to his friend. "I know!" Redwing exclaimed.  "You deserve her."

5. The talk

"So, he asked you to be his mate?" Wolfpelt asked her daughter in the warriors den in a hush voice, trying not to wake up her younger kit. "Yeah!" Brokensnow exclaimed quietly. "Hopefully we will have kits when we get a bit further in mateship."

"Good idea" Wolfpelt said, then looked down. Brokensnow was the only survivor out of her litter and Spiderclaw was named after her dead littermate, Spiderkit. However, the pain Brokensnow saw in her mother's eyes were grief for her's, Spiderclaw's, Copperstrike's, Feathersplash's and Webpaw's father and former deputy Rabbitclaw. Brokensnow was only a new warrior when her father was tragiclly killed. "It's okay Wolfpelt" she said in a calming voice. she looked at her warmly and then spoke, "I know it's been ten moons since your father died, but I just can't let it go. Your brothers and remaining sister don't know your father" Wolfpelt said quietly. Brokensnow then saw Feathersplash open her eyes slowly and stretched, blinking sleepily. "Oh Feathersplash!" Brokensnow exclaimed. "Did we wake you up?"

"No" Feathersplash said. "I felt like I have slept long enough." Wolfpelt smiled.

"Your brothers and Newtstep and Dustleap slept through the day and woke up for the evening patrol!" she said with an unsuprised tone in her voice. Feathersplash laughed. "I feel like going hunting. I'll go and see Yellowstripe if I can" she said. Brokensnow watched her younger sister leave the warriors den. Her mother also left and she slumpt into her nest.

6. The harsh leaf-bare

Newtstep woke up to the sound of a fit of coughing. It's the first day of Leaf-bare and someone is already sick!  he thought. he then saw the cat responsible, Redwing. His best friend and Newtstep's former mentor Yellowstripe comforted him. "Should I get Stumpyfoot?' Newtstep asked. Redwing only coughed.

"That's a good idea" Yellowstripe said. Dustleap's eyes opened

"Hey Dustleap, want to help me  get Stumpyfoot for Redwing?" Newtstep asked.

"Sure!" his brother said.

"You know what? I'll come too" Yellowstripe said. "Then I can think of the Sunhigh patrol." The three cats left the warriors den. They came to the medicine den, then heard some sympathetic cries. "But Stumpyfoot! I can't be the new medicine cat!" Sweetwind, Yellowstripe's sister cried. Yellowstripe put his head through the entrance of the den first, followed by Newtstep and Dustleap. Stumpyfoot lay on a bed of moss. He looked elderly, since he had been the medicine cat for so many moons. "You will be a great medicine cat of HawkClan" he said in a raspy voice.

"I can't even tell sorrel and dock apart properly yet!" Sweetwind exclaimed. Stumpyfoot just laughed.

"You lying mousebrain! You can easily tell which one is which" he said. Sweetwind kneaded her paws.

"I can't do it without you!" she finally said. The last words that Stumpyfoot said were, "Yes you can." Then, his eyes closed and didn't open. "Stumpyfoot!" Sweetwind yelled, then curled up against him. Slowly, the two warriors and deputy came in, Yellowstripe first, Newtstep second and finally Dustleap. Sweetwind looked up at her brother. "I'm sorry about Stumpyfoot" Yellowstripe said to his sister. Sweetwind shook her head. "It's okay" she said.

"I'll get Thrushstar" Newtstep said. He ran out and bounded across the sandy ledge until he got to his father's den. He stuck his head through the lichen. Thrushstar was washing his paw, then looked up. "Hello my son! Is something wrong?" he asked.

"Stumpyfoot's dead" Newtstep said. Sorrow fulled his father's eyes.

"He was a great friend to me" Thrushstar said, then shook his head. "Did Sweetwind send you?" he asked.

"No. I told them I'd go and get you" Newtstep replyed. Thrushstar smiled.

"You will become a great leader one day" Thrushstar said. Newtstep looked down for a while, then looked up again. "I am going to become a leader."

"So, you've learned your prophercy" Thrushstar said, still smiling.

"My prophercy?"

7. Tensions begin

Dustleap enviously listened to his brother and father. And he didn't tell me about this?! he thought, furious and ready to take his anger on Newtstep. Finally, when he got the courage, he popped his head through the lichen. Newtstep turned quickly, suprised by his brother's appearace. "Dustleap!" he exclaimed.

"So you never told me about the omen you saw when Father made his first clan meeting" Dustleap growled.

"I never told you..." Thrushstar started, but was cut off.

"That Windclaw is your new mate?" Newtstep asked. "I'm happy for you."

"I was never told that either?! It's like I ate death berries and was being treated by Sweetwind!" Dustleap let his anger melt. "I thought I was your best friend" he said to his brother.

"You are, but..." Newtstep started, but Dustleap stormed out of the den.

"Dustleap!" he shouted, running out of his fathers den, but his brother had gone suprisengly far. "I was too scared" he said quietly.

Meanwhile, Dustleap slid into the forest. The first thing he saw was the rich red coloured berries. "Maybe I should eat these" he growled to himself. "My brother doesn't trust me anymore and my father loves him more than me!" However, he was stopped by an elderly tom, his claws unsheathed. Dustleap quickly attacked, then was pinned. His yowl of pain echoed across the moor.

8. Decisions

Yellowstripe got up from his position beside his best friend and ran out of the den. Newtstep, Feathersplash and Spiderclaw stood by the entrance. "Did you hear that?" Yellowstripe asked.

"We all did" Newtstep said. "We'll go and find where it was coming from, if you like."

"Alright then, I'll come too" he said and the four cats bounded across the moor, then Yellowstripe saw Dustleap struggling in another cat's jaws. They ran and Yellowstripe leapt on top of the cat, though he fliped him over. This cat was elderly but good. Newtstep, Spiderclaw and Dustleap were attacking as well, but Feathersplash stopped before she lay a paw on him. "Stormtooth!" she shouted. The tom stopped.

"Feathersplash!" he shouted back and ran over to her. He placed his tail on the shoulder her scar was on. 'Is that the wound that you had when you fought me?" he asked.

"Yeah" Feathersplash said, then looked at him again."What are you doing here? I thought you were going to stay away from the clans now" she said.

'I changed my mind" Stormtooth said. "I'm not afraid of becoming an elder anymore."

"How do you know him?" Yellowstripe asked.

"I met him when I was thought to be dead" Feathersplash said. "I met him on accident, when I bumped into him while I was finding my way and we battled."

"I see" Yellowstripe said. "Alright Stormtooth, let's go home."

9. Brokensnow's welcoming

Brokensnow watched her mate lead the group of cats back to camp, followed by an elderly tom, Feathersplash, Spiderclaw and the two arguing brothers Newtstep and Dustleap coming in last. "What's going on?" Brokensnow asked her younger sister.

"This is Stormtooth" Feathersplash said. "I met him when I was thought to be dead."

"Stormtooth?" the two cats mother asked. Stormtooth smiled when he saw her.

"Wolfpelt!" he said. "How are you my daughter?" he asked.

"I'm great!" Wolfpelt said and with a flick of her tail, Brokensnow, Spiderclaw and Copperstrike stood next to her and Feathersplash. "This is Brokensnow, my eldest kit" Wolfpelt said.

"Nice to meet you" Brokensnow said, then dipped her head. She knew he was HawkClan's first deputy and the brother of the first leader, though never her mother'sfather. "This is Spiderclaw" Wolfpelt contiued.

"It's a pleasure!" he said quickly. As usual, Spiderclaw wasn't very good at hiding his feelings. Then, he dipped his head before shrinking back. "This is Copperstrike" Wolfpelt said and Copperstrike stepped foward. "Nice to meet you Stormtooth" he said, then dipped his head.

"And you know Feathersplash" Wolfpelt said. Despite this, Feathersplash still stepped foward and dipped her head. Stormtooth smiled and dipped his head back. "I know you know where the leader's den is, but you should see Thrushstar" Wolfpelt said.

"I'll go and see him" Stormtooth said. "Feathersplash, would you like to come with me?" he asked.

"Yes" she said and they both entered the leader's den.

"How's Redwing?" Yellowstripe asked.

"He has greencough" Brokensnow replyed. "He's staying in the medicine den until he recovers."

"I haven't been paying much attention to you today" Yellowstripe said. "Are you still intent of having our kits by Newleaf?" he asked.

"Of course we'll have kits by Newleaf!" Brokensnow replyed. "You're the deputy and I understand. That doesn't stop me from loving you though" she said. For the first time that day, Brokensnow lay her head on his and they spent the day together.

10. Three moons later

Newtstep stalked a squirrel, it's orange fur shining in the sun. When he was ready, he chased and pounced. The squirrel lay under his paws. Alright, time to go he thought. He took his other prey, two mice, a rat and four voles as well as his squirrel and met up with Redwing, Feathersplash, Yellowstripe and Brokensnow. The five cats bounded across the moor and as they got to the fresh kill pile, they all heard a yowl of pain. My half siblings are coming! Newtstep thought and bounded into the nursery. Windclaw had already given birth to one kit. Thrushstar looked at the squirming kit. "I remember looking at you when you were born" he said to Newtstep.

"Only that I'm not that colour" Newtstep said warmly. Thrushstar laughed. Sweetwind had a look at it.

"A she cat" she said.

"What are we going to name it?" Windclaw asked. Thrushstar saw the colour of her and then got the name imediately. "Russetkit" he said. The next kit came out before Windclaw nodded. She yowled again, then the grey cat came out. "A tom" Sweetwind said.

"That grey looks like my grey, only lighter" Newtstep said.

"Yes it does" Thrushstar said, smiling.

"Smokekit will be his name" Windclaw said.

"He suits that perfectly" Thrushstar purred. The third kit came out.

"Another she cat" Sweetwind said.

"Mallowkit" Thrushstar said. "Her yellow pelt reminds me of mallow."

"Alright" Windclaw purred, then yowled in pain for the last time. Another grey cat, lighter than Smokekit however, came out. "Another tom" Sweetwind said.

"Let's name him Hailkit" Windclaw said.

"That's a great name" he said. "I'm a father to kits again." Newtstep smiled. He was glad for his father, though sad about his mother. However all he wanted was for his father to be as happy as he was when Leopardclaw was around.

11. Too far

Dustleap lay on highrock, bored yet alert for Newtstep. He washed his paw, then decided to go talk to Yellowstripe. However, Newtstep had beat him. "Is there any patrol I can go on Yellowstripe?" he asked.

"No sorry Newtstep" Yellowstripe said. "I've already planned the patrols and we have plenty of prey."

"I understand" Newtstep said. Dustleap burned with fury. It was time. He furiously ran down the ledge and leapt at his brother. Quickly, Newtstep moved and Dustleap crashed to the ground. However, he got up and tried to attack him again. Newtstep dodged his blows. "What is wrong with you?" Newtstep asked his brother. "Don't you remember? You never told me about your omen and prophercy!" Dustleap yelled, now in a blind rage. A strong belly rake stopped him. Newtstep quickly ran onto the moor as Dustleap was held down by Thrushstar. "Dustleap, why are you doing this?' he asked.

"He's special and I'm an untrustable tom now!" Dustleap yelled. Newtstep came back.

"Of course you're not an untrustable..." Newtstep started, But was cut off by an even angrier Dustleap, who was able to break through his father's grasp. "You say something more to me, you're crowfood! I'm no longer your brother and this is no longer my home, so leave me alone!" he shouted and disappeared across the moor. "I was never meant to..." Newtstep started.

"It's okay Newtstep" Thrushstar said. "Maybe one sunrise, he will come back to us and you will be forgiven. Hopefully when he does come back, I will hopefully still have some of my lives left." 

"I wish I could of resolved this sooner" Newtstep whispered to himself as Thrushstar padded away. Then he could see Russetkit, Smokekit, Mallowkit and Hailkit he thought.

12. Joy and heartbreak

Yellowstripe looked up to Silverpelt. Redwing stared with him. It had been two moons since Newleaf started and it was getting close to Greenleaf.  "I can't wait until Brokensnow has my kits!" Yellowstripe said excitedly. "It shouldn't be long to go now!" Redwing said also said excitedly. "Sweetwind said that she would kit by Sunrise!"

"I know!" Yellowstripe exclaimed. Both of them then stopped staring into the sky, as both of them collapsed in exaustion. A yowl woke both of them up at Sunrise. Yellowstripe saw his sister race into the den. "Brokensnow!" Yellowstripe yelled. He ran into the nursery and saw a healthy brown kit already suckling on Brokensnow. The little kit had the same colour brown as his mother's stripes. "It's a tom" Sweetwind said. Yellowstripe looked at the tom warmly. "He looks like a great warrior already" he said. "Let's name him Hickorykit."

"That's a great name" Brokensnow said, then pushed out the next kit unexectantly and painfully. Wolfpelt comforted her, when another brown kit, just as much of a future warrior as Hickorykit, scrambled with his brother for the best spot for milk. "Another tom" Sweetwind said.

"Timberkit?" Brokensnow asked.

"Timberkit would suit him perfectly" Yellowstripe said. Timberkit was a bit darker than Hickorykit, though both were determined little toms. The next kit came out even more painfully. "Why does it hurt so much?" Brokensnow asked. "it's okay my kit" Wolfpelt said. "It took me a while to get used to the pain." Brokensnow breathed in as the little kit, showing the black and yellow colouring of Yellowstripe, only that the cat was a yellow kit with black stripes. "A she cat" Sweetwind said. 

"Hm, Marigoldkit?" Yellowstripe asked.

"That's a really good name" Brokensnow said, then the last yowl of pain came. The last kit showed the white pelt of it's mother and the yellow stripes of it's father. "Another she cat" Sweetwind said, but Brokensnow closed her eyes for the last time. "Brokensnow?" Yellowstripe asked. His mate didn't resond. "Brokensnow!" Yellowstripe said more seriously. Once again, Brokensnow did not resond. Tears filled Yellowstripe's eyes. Newtstep, Redwing, Feathersplash, Spiderclaw, Copperstrike, Thrushstar, Wolfpelt, Windclaw and Sweetwind stood beside him. "I'm really sorry" Redwing said to his best friend. Yellowstripe placed his head on his best friend's shoulder. He kneeded a shoulder. "We've lost our sister today" Feathersplash said.

"I've lost my daughter" Wolfpelt continued.

"And I've lost my my mate" Yellowstripe ended, his head no longer on Rdwing's shoulder.

"I'll rub some mint on her, then the vigil will begin" Sweetwind said.

"Wait!" Yellowstripe said. His sister stopped. "I kneed to name this kit."

"Alright then" Sweetwind said.

"This one will be Daisykit" he said then dismissed his sister.

"Who will nurse your kits?" Newtstep asked his former mentor.

"Mummy can do it!" Russetkit exclaimed.

"Yeah! Mummy's the best!" Smokekit, Russetkit's brother and best friend added.

"I'd be happy to nurse them, but I can't" Windclaw said sadly. "My kits are still dependent on milk and they are starting to get competitive" she added.

"But you're the only queen" Thrushstar said to her mate.

"I know" she said, then made up her mind. "Alright, I'll try."

"Thank you Mother" Yellowstripe said. Unlike Dustleap was, Yellowstripe didn't give a care that Windclaw had a new mate. He never even knew his father. As the vigil began, he looked up at the sky that was about to set. Rather soon, Silverpelt appeared. Last night, Yellowstripe was looking at it in joy, tonight in tears.

13. The game

Smokekit woke up to a figure about to come down on him. He quickly rolled and gave his strongest attack, a little raking of claws across the attackers pelt. The attacker, Russetkit, pretended to yowl in pain. "You got me! You got me!" she squealed and both of them laughed. "I think I should be called Smokeclawer!" Smokekit said in bursts of laughter. However, they eventually stopped. "Let's play Mossball!" Russetkit said. "Yeah!" Smokekit said, bouncing on his toes, then stopped. "Who are we going to play it with? Hailkit wants to explore more and Mallowkit doesn't even like Mossball anymore" he said. Hickorykit then opened his eyes and turned to the two older kits. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"We want to play Mossball, but we don't want to play by ourselves and our littermates don't want to play either!" Russetkit said.

"I want to play!" Hickorykit said. "Timberkit may as well."

"Well go and ask him!" Smokekit said. Hickorykit nudged his rival brother. "Timberkit, do you want to play Mossball?" Hickorykit asked.

"Yeah!" he said.

"Alright then. Hickorykit, you're on my team!" Smokekit said.

"Yes!" he said and stood next to Smokekit.

"It looks like you're on my team Timberkit!" Russetkit said. Timberkit smiled and stood next to Russetkit. Smokekit hit the ball of moss with his tail to Russetkit, who caught it in her jaws. She then threw it to Hickorykit, who hooked it with his already sharp claws. He then threw it to Timberkit, who used his pad to hit it. "This is so much fun!" Hickorykit said, before Timberkit hit it to him. The game was over when Windclaw came with prey in her mouth. "Where are my other real kits?" she asked when giving the two older kits their first taste of fresh kill, voles. "I think Hailkit is exploring outside and Mallowkit is still sleeping" Russetkit said then both of them took a bite from their voles. "Yum!" Russetkit said.

"This is delicious!" Smokekit said. Windclaw smiled.

"You'll just be having fresh kill when you become apprentices" she said.

"When are we going to become apprentices?" Russetkit asked.

"Four more moons" Windclaw said

"That's too long away!"  Smokekit said.

"It's closer than you think" Windclaw said.

14. Little steps

Newtstep looked at the she cat next to him, sleeping in her nest. Since Dustleap disappeared, he had begun to see Feathersplash as a more attractive cat. He felt more of a bond with her, though she probably never knew it. It was night, though he couldn't sleep. He wondered about wether Dustleap would come back. He then saw Feathersplash begin to stir. "You can't sleep?" she asked.

"I'm thinking of Dustleap" Newtstep said.

"I've just had a bad dream" Feathersplash said, though Newtstep knew that she was lying, but didn't protest. "Do you want to go for a walk?" he asked. "It's night, but both of us can't sleep."

"Alright then" Feathersplash said and the two left the den. What they didn't know was that they were being watched by Newtstep's father. My son's trying something Thrushstar thought. He smiled and entered his den. Meanwhile, it wasn't long until Newtstep and Feathersplash tussled playfully in the forest. "Do you want a competition?" Feathersplash asked, mischeif in her eyes. Newtstep smiled.

"Of course!" he said. "What is it?"

"Who can climb the tree first?" she asked.

"Alright then" Newtstep said and smirked. He wasn't too bad at climbing trees, though Feathersplash was one of the best in the clan. They both ran to a tree the same size and they began. Newtstep found a few pawholds and almost the top, but Feathersplash got there first. "I win!" she said. Newtstep smiled and began to climb down. "First one down wins!" he said.

"No fair!" Feathersplash giggled and jumped down, suprisengly unharmed. They smiled at each other. Then Feathersplash frowned. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Newtstep, I didn't have a bad dream. I got a prophercy" Feathersplash said.

"I have a prophercy too" Newtstep said.

"Wow!" she said and breifly, their tails twinded. Feathersplash quickly moved her tail and smiled nervously. Ask her Newtstep, ask her Newtstep thought. He awkwardly laughed and started. "Feathersplash?" he asked. "Yes Newtstep?" Feathersplash asked.

"Do you think we can be a little more than just friends?" Newtstep asked.

"That will be fine" she said and pressed her head against his. Never mind, do it now! Newtstep thought, but he let the thought slide. A little longer.

15. The big day

four moons later

Russetkit and Smokekit were having one last tussle in the nursery. "I can't wait to become an apprentice today!" Russetkit exclaimed.

"I know!" Smokekit exclaimed as well. However, they were swiped by their mother and she washed them.

"You can't look like this during your ceremony!" she said and then released them. Mallowkit looked outside. "It's almost time!" she said. Russetkit pushed past her, followed by Smokekit and they took their spots. 

"Well, if it isn't my kits, or apprentices" Thrushstar said warmly. The other two kits took their places and the ceremony began. "As you already know, Russetkit, Smokekit, Mallowkit and Hailkit are now six moons and will train as apprentices until they become warriors" Thrushstar said. He turned to Russetkit. "Russetkit, you  will now be known as Russetpaw. Newtstep, you have shown to be a talented warrior and you will be the greatest mentor for her" he said. Many yowls of protest came.

"But Newtstep is kin with Russetpaw!" Spiderclaw said.

"I mentored Thrushstar and we're kin" Stormtooth said, his dark grey pelt shining like his younger days. "And nocat protested against me."

"You're right..." Spiderclaw drifted off.

"Any other protesters?" Thrushstar asked and a stiff glare from him stopped Yellowstripe. "So it's settled. Newtstep will mentor Russetpaw" he snapped and Russetpaw touched noses with her half brother. Thrushstar then turned to Smokekit. "Smokekit, you will now be known as Smokepaw. Feathersplash, your enthusiasum and bravery has been valuble to this clan . You deserve Smokepaw as your apprentice" he said. Smokepaw touched noses with Feathersplash then went to Newtstep. "Can Russetpaw and I do training together?" he asked.

"Maybe, some time" Newtstep replyed. Meanwhile, Thrushstar looked to Mallowkit. "Mallowkit, you will now be known as Mallowpaw. Yellowstripe, you have shown very good metoring skills with Newtstep and you'll also be a good mentor to Mallowpaw" he said. Yellowstripe smiled. "I'm sorry about..." Yellowstripe started, but was silenced by Thrushstar's tail. "it doesn't matter" he said to his deputy. "I don't have to punish you, neither Spiderclaw. What I know is that you are a great mentor for Mallowpaw" Thrushstar said. Yellowstripe dipped his head and touched noses with Mallowpaw. Finally, Thrushstar turned to Hailkit. "Hailkit, you will now be known as Hailpaw. Wolfpelt, you have shown very good mentoring skills as well, so you will have Hailpaw as your apprentice" he said. Hailpaw touched noses with Wolfpelt and the ceremony ended. Russetpaw excitedly looked at her mentor. "What are we going to do first?" she asked.

16. Yellowstripe's annoyance

"No Mallowpaw! Keep your neck in, no!" Yellowstripe yelled when Mallowpaw failed to catch a wagtail.

"But I tried!" Mallowpaw said.

"Tried!? You didn't try at all! My former apprentice is already training your sister to hunt in the forest and she hardly has any flaws! You should be my sister's apprentice!" Yellowstripe yelled. Mallowpaw pouted angrily and stormed into the apprentice den. Thrushstar came up to him. "I see you're not happy in mentoring one of my kits" he said. "You never complained about Newtstep" he added.

"Newtstep's only flaw was that he wasn't the best hunter, but he was only reminded once! He's probably the best hunter now! Mallowpaw needs probably until the day I join StarClan until she can even catch prey! She   can't hunt, she's useless at the bellyrake and I bet she'd cower away from a chance for redemption!" Yellowstripe growled, anger flaring in his eyes. "She's just a slow learner" Thrushstar said calmly. "It may just take some time."

"Really?" Yellowstripe asked.

"I chose you as deputy because of your capable abilities as a warrior. You rubbed that onto Newtstep. Maybe you can rub your skills onto Mallowpaw too" Thrushstar said.

"I don't know. Maybe..." Yellowstripe drifted off. He had remembered that his mate was no longer around. "Can you get Mallowpaw out of the apprentice den?" Yellowstripe asked.

"Of course, why?" Thrushstar asked.

"I'm going to see my kits" he said.

"Very well" Thrushstar said and Yellowstripe went into the nursery. Hickorykit and Timberkit were playfighting, Daisykit was being washed and Marigoldkit was talking to Sweetwind. "Can I be your apprentice?" Marigoldkit asked.

"Of course!" Sweetwind said, smiling. "I see something special in you."

"Daddy!" Hickorykit said and stopped playfighting to meet him. "Aren't you meant to be training Mallowpaw?" he asked.

"Mallowpaw is having a break" Yellowstripe said. "So, you're going to become a medicine cat Marigoldkit?" he asked. "I don't want to fight" Marigoldkit replyed. "I want to heal."

"That's fine" Yellowstripe said. Then, he thought of Mallowpaw. "I have to go now" he said.

"Bye Daddy!" Daisykit shouted.

"Bye Daisykit!" Yellowstripe said and he saw Thrushstar and Mallowpaw standin in front of the apprentice den. "I've been thinking and it's besat if I'm a medicine cat apprentice" Mallowpaw said. "I don't deserve you as my mentor."

"You can't be a medicine cat though!" Yellowstripe yelled.

"But you said I should have been Sweetwind's apprentice" Mallowpaw said.

"I was too harsh on you. I'm sorry" Yellowstripe said. "It may take you a little longer to learn how to hunt than Newtstep was, but you may become a great warrior like he is. So, what do you say?" he asked.

"Alright then" Mallowpaw said.

"Great" Yellowstripe said and smiled. 'Now, let's work on your hunters crouch."

17. The prophercy

Smokepaw proudly strode back to camp, a vole, a rabbit, a blackbird, a shrew and a squirrel in his mouth. Russetpaw followed, a hare, a mouse, a robin, a lark and a magpie in her mouth. The two apprentices dropped their prey on the fresh kill pile, followed by Newtstep, who dropped his prey, the biggest catch of the day, onto the fresh kill pile as well. Feathersplash was the next to come, her prey in her mouth and saw Mallowpaw come, who was able to catch some prey, followed by her mentor  who had a couple of shrews and a rabbit. Hailpaw then came, placing his prey on the fresh kill pile, then Wolfpelt finally came, prey in her mouth and she also dropped her prey on the fresh kill pile. It was evening and it was almost time to sleep. After having a vole, Smokepaw went to bed, followed by the other apprentices. "I can't wait to become a warrior" Russetpaw said. "Then we won't have scheduled bed times" she added.

"I know!" Smokepaw said. "The sooner our apprentice lives are over, the better!" The two siblings and best friends exchanged nods and both fell asleep.  Smokepaw stalked a squirrel in his dream, its fur shining beautifully. He was about to catch it, until Russetpaw pounced on it, catching it. "Russetpaw!" Smokepaw yelled, then looked at her again. "Russetpaw?" he asked.

"Smokepaw?" Russetpaw asked as well. "Why are you in my dream?"

"Because I made you come into each others dreams" a voice of a she cat said. She then revealed herself. The she cat was mostly dark brown, with the exeption of her paws, that were golden brown. Her eyes were amber and her ears, shoulders and tail were battle scarred. "I am Hawkstar, the first leader of HawkClan and the mother of your father" she said.

"Thrushstar?" Russetpaw asked.

"Yes" Hawkstar purred, amused by the young apprentice. A grey tom came came up and placed his head on Hawkstar's. "I am Ashtail" the tom said. "I wasn't your father's father, but I see something in you like Hawkstar does" he said.

"Why are you here?" Smokepaw asked. Hawkstar smiled then said the prophercy,

"The fire of russet and the storm of smoke will help the stepping newt with the leaping dust that was once no problem. You two have a destiny like the newt's, but be careful" Hawkstar said.

"What does it mean?" Russetpaw asked.

"That's for you to find out" Ashtail said, then, twining tails, the two rekindled mates disappered deeper into the forest. What they didn't know was that a ginger tom was watching, his amber eyes burning.

18. Newtstep's feelings

Newtstep's eyes opened to  Feathersplash's eyes, her nose touching his. Her green eyes were as beautiful as the lillies were mice usually hid in by the river. During the four moons that he and Feathersplash became a little more than just friends, Newtstep found her more attractive. After staring at her for a little while longer, he backed away and both of them laughed, though Newtstep was a little awkward. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing" Newtstep said. "I just... have to train Russsetpaw" he said quickly and rushed out. He quickly ate a mouse and saw Russetpaw sharing a sparrow with Smokepaw. "Alright Russetpaw, it's time for training" he said. "Are we doing ambush training?" Russetpaw said. Newtstep froze, then nodded.

"Alright. I'll get Feathersplash" he said and reluctantly went into the warriors den. Feathersplash saw him.

"What's up?" Feathersplash asked, looking up from her rabbit.

"Do you want to work with Russetpaw and I on ambush training?" Newtstep asked.

"Sure" Feathersplash said and she went with him and the two apprentices. "Okay Russetpaw, hide in the bushes and don't make a sound" Newtstep. Russetpaw nodded and jumped into a bush, without Newtstep looking. Smokepaw jumped in as well, followed by Feathersplash, who was quietly going to tell them what to do. He smelled Russetpaw's scent and then tried to find her. "Move to the bushes behind him" Feathersplash whispered to Russetpaw. Russetpaw moved to the bushes behind her mentor, who was coming towards her hiding spot. "Alright Smokepaw, attack!" Feathersplash whispered and her apprentice leapt out, then used the leap and hold. As Newtstep used the drop and roll technique, Russetpaw then attacked, attacking him with sheathed claws. Newtstep then pretended to whimper in pain and the two apprentices got off. "Not bad" Newtstep said. "Next time, to make it harder for me to track you, what we usually do is roll in nettle to mark our scent, so we'll do that" he said. Russetpaw nodded and Newtstep dismissed her and her brother. "Feathersplash, can I talk to you?" he asked. 

"Are you sure?" Feathersplash asked. "You freaked out when you saw my eyes this morning" she growled.

I didn't freak out!" Newtstep snapped, his eyes flaring with anger. Feathersplash angrily pouted and stormed off. Newtstep then realised what he did. Great! I've probably lost my future mate! he thought. Reluctantly, he returned to camp, not making eye contact with Feathersplash.

19. Russetpaw's first battle

Russetpaw jumped over Newtstep, who was pretending to be a badger. Before seh touched the ground, she gave a forepaw slash, then touched the ground. "Nice job!" Newtstep said. Russetpaw beamed with pride. I'm only four sunrises into my apprenticeship and I'm getting good! she thought and then heard a yowl of alarm. "It's the clan!" Redwing's voice was heard. Newtstep immediately got out of the hollow. 

"Can I fight?" Russetpaw asked.

"Yeah! Can I fight as well?" Smokepaw said. "We may have not been apprentices for very long, but we know how to fight."

"Alright, but be careful" Newtstep said. Russetpaw then ran out excitedly. My first battle! she thought and attacked another cat her size. She raked her unsheathed claws deep into the other cat's pelt and the cat yowled, though still fought fiercely. Russetpaw eventually defeated the cat and then saw Feathersplash, struggling with Flamestar, her father lying motionless beside her. "No!" Russetpaw yelled.

"It's okay my kit" Windclaw said. "He's just lost a life."

"A life?" Russetpaw asked.

"Leaders have nine lives" Windclaw said. "When they lose one of their lives, they'll black out for a while, like your father is."

'So they're only really dead when they lose their last life?" Smokepaw asked, as he was also listening.

"Exactly, but your father still has many lives left" Windclaw said. The two apprentices nodded, then saw Feathersplash struggling even harder with Flamestar. Wolfpelt attacked Flamestar with full fury, then Newtstep attacked him as well. "For Rabbitclaw!" he screamed. Wolfpelt's eyes filled with tears and Feathersplash lay, breathing hard. Thrushstar's eyes slowly opened and he painfully got up to see his son attacking Rabbitclaw's killer. "I felt sorry for killing him!" Flamestar growled, his amber eyes flaring.

"Like you ever!" Newtstep yelled. Then, he remembered the guilt he saw in his eyes all those moons ago when he was Newtpaw. He stopped and Flamestar retreated, along with the rest of the clan. Russetpaw came up to her mentor. "Wow! You were really heroic" she said.

"It's nothing" Newtstep said and smiled, then looked at Feathersplash. He gasped at her oozing wounds. Her eyes were closed, though her flank rose and fell, but slowly. "Stay with me Feathersplash" Newtstep said. her eyes opened and she croaked, "Why should I? You didn't care yesterday."

"I love you Feathersplash! I really do!' Newtstep said.

"Really? You didn't freak out when you saw my eyes didn't you?" Feathersplash asked.

"Of course not!" Newtstep said. "Your eyes are as beautiful as the lillies by the river! Feathersplash, there's no she cat as beautiful to me as you are!"

"You even like my scar?" she asked.

"Your scar is one of the most attractive parts of you!" Newtstep said joyfully, running his tail over her long shoulder scar. "Please be my mate!" he said.

"Yes, I will be your mate" Feathersplash croaked. "I'll try to hang in there."

20. The next apprentice ceremony

Two moons later

Yellowstripe proudly stood on highrock as Thrushstar was ready to announce his kits apprentice ceremonies. "Are you sure you don't have any special requests?" he asked.

"I'm a fair cat" Yellowstripe said. "As long as Marigoldkit gets what she wants, I'm fine with the other three."

"Alright then" Thrushstar said, then signaled the kits to come foward. "Hickorykit, Timberkit, Marigoldkit and Daisykit are now six moons old" Thrushstar announced. "As you know, it is time for them to become apprentices" he continued, then turned to Hickorykit. "Hickorykit, you will now be known as Hickorypaw. Your mentor..." Thruhshstar hesitated, then said, "Will be me." Yellowstripe gasped. One of my kits is being mentored by Thrushstar? he thought. Yowls of approval came across, unlike Russetpaw's apprentice ceremony. Hickorypaw bounded on his toes. "Wow! My mentor is the clan leader!" he said extacticly. Thrushstar nodded and touched noses with him, then turned to Timberkit, who was rather jealous. "Timberkit, you will now be known as Timberpaw. Spiderclaw, you are long overdue for an apprentice. Timberpaw will learn a lot from you" he said. Spiderclaw smiled and touched noses with Timberpaw. Thrushstar turned to Marigoldkit next. "Marigoldkit, you will now be known as Marigoldpaw. As you want to be a medicine cat, Sweetwind will be your mentor" he said. Sweetwind then came foward and Marigoldpaw touched noses with her. Finally, Thrushstar turned to Daisykit. "Daisykit, you will now be known as Daisypaw. Redwing, you have shown what you can do. You will be Daisypaw's mentor" he said and Redwing touched noses with Daisypaw and Thrushstar dismissed the cats. "Well, it looks like we'll be doing some training together" Redwing said and smiled to Yellowstripe and he smiled back.

"I guess we will" Yellowstripe said. "Mallowpaw and Daisypaw will be good friends."

"Yes they will" Redwing said.

21. The desperate will

Smokepaw attacked Hickorypaw, his claws sheathed. This was only Hickorypaw's third day as an apprentice , but he had a good mentor. He leapt onto the more experienced apprentice, but Smokepaw did the drop and roll technique and pinned him. "Ha!" Smokepaw said and proudly sat in front of his father's apprentice. Feathersplash looked impressed. "Well done  Smokepaw!" she said.

"Am I ready to become a warrior?" he asked.

"Not yet" she replyed.

"Aw! I've been training for a little over two moons and I'm still not ready?" Smokepaw asked.

"Look, I may of became a warrior by about eight moons, but you still have a bit more to learn" Feathersplash said. Smokepaw sighed. "I just wish I could go to a gathering as a warrior" he said.

"You will one day Smokepaw!" Feathersplash said. Not in the next three gatherings probably Smokepaw thought. Feathersplash then led him to the moor. "Alright, it's time for more advanced moves" she said. Smokepaw smiled and span in the air, attacking Feathersplash with his sheathed paws. Smokepaw smiled. "See, I'm getting better!" he said.

"I know you're getting better, but I'm telling you, you're still not ready!" Feathersplash said, her whiskers twitching with annoyance. Smokepaw hissed and walked into the apprentice den. "I'll get there soon" Smokepaw said to himself. "I know I will."

22. The hard fought battle

Two moons later

Newtstep watched Russetpaw approvingly after she defeated Timberpaw. "Well done Russetpaw!" he said. Russetpaw smiled. "Am I ready for my hunting assesment?" she asked.

"Well..." Newtstep started, then heard a yowl. Yellowstripe's yowl. Newtstep imediately left the hollow, his apprentice following. Flamestar had returned with his clan. "Come on Russetpaw!" Newtstep yelled. She nodded and followed him into battle. As Russetpaw fought a tom her size, he was bowled over by a familiar she cat. It was the she cat who threatened him and Dustleap to run when they were kits and got a little too far away from camp. He clawed at her pelt and she screeched in pain. She turned around and tried to shake him off. Newtstep clawed both of her shoulders, blood running onto his claws, before falling off. Despite being scratched up, the she cat wasn't willing to give up and for the first time, she saw Newtstep. "You..." she growled. "You were that little kit!"

"I was that little kit" Newtstep said. "I'm a fully fledged warrior now." The she cat hissed, but instead of attacking again, she backed away. Newtstep then saw a tom flinging himself at him. He quickly dodged and the tom scraped himself against the grass, his blood staining a small portion of where he landed. Newtstep sneered, but didn't realise the tom behind him. he felt a fierce scratch behind his head. He flinched in pain and turned around, a brown tom facing him. "Dustleap!" Newtstep snarled. His brother now had a scar across his right eye, though he was still a stunning tom. "Hello Newtstep" Dustleap growled.

"How could you join them Dustleap? I never saw you there two moons ago!" Newtstep growled.

"I joined a moon ago" Dustleap said. "But enough talk. It's a battel" he said and lunged at his brother. Newtstep also attacked, scraping him with his fangs. Dustleap fell onto the ground and Newtstep angrily attacked him, though he put som enasty scratches on his brother as well. He then pushed Newtstep off him and limped away as Flamestar, who had lost a life, led the clan back. Newtstep couldn't get up, his grey pelt  was stained with blood, his black markings hidden. "Newtstep!" Feathersplash screamed to her mate.

"It's okay Feathersplash" Newtstep croaked. "I'll hopefully be fine."

"Look at you! Your pelt is stained with blood!" Feathersplash yelled.

"I promise I'll be okay" Newtstep said. "I'll need to rest though" he said and closed his eyes.

23. Waiting's end

Russetpaw saw her mentor unconcious, yet breathing. "Will he be okay?" she asked.

"He'll be fine" her father replyed, looking at his son, her half brother.

"Was the tom that attacked him our other half brother?" Russetpaw asked. Thrushstar painfully looked at the direction that Flamestar retreated and nodded. "He is. My other son Dustleap." Russetpaw nodded and then returned to camp. There, she saw another unconcious body. Redwing lay motionless on moss in the medicine den. "This isn't good" Sweetwind said.

"What do you mean!?" Yellowstripe harshly asked his sister.

"Redwing is dead Father" Marigoldpaw said.

"No! Not my best friend!" Yellowstripe cried. However, he didn't have time to greive.

"Everybody well enough gather beneath Highrock for a clan meeting!" Thrushstar's voice echoed. Russetpaw left her mentor's side and sat next to her brother. "There is some good news and some bad news" Thrushstar said. "The bad news is Redwing is dead" he said.

"No! He can't be dead!" Daisypaw yowled. "He can't!"

"I'm sorry Daisypaw. He is. However, Sparrowwing will be your new mentor" he said. Daisypaw nodded and touched noses with Sparrowwing. Thrushstar then spoke again, "But the good news is that we're having some new warriors." New warriors? Russetpaw thought. "Russetpaw, Smokepaw, Mallowpaw and Hailpaw come here" he said. We're going to become warriors! she thought. She and Smokepaw exchanged excited glances as they got up Highrock. "Russetpaw, Smokepaw, Mallowpaw and Hailpaw have fought like warriors today and it is now time for them to become warriors" he said, then turned to Russetpaw. "Russetpaw, do you wish to fight for this clan, even at the cost of your life?" Thrushstar asked.

"I do" Russetpaw said, trying desperately to mask her excitement.

"Now, by the powers of StarClan looking down on this apprentice, Russetpaw, you will now be known as Russetfire. StarClan honours you for your courage and enterprise" Thrushstar said. Russetfire's chest puffed up with pride. What a cool name! she thought. Thrushstar then turned to Smokepaw. "Smokepaw, do you wish to fight for this clan, even at the cost of your life?" he asked.

"I do" Smokepaw said, trying to mask his excitement like Russetfire.

"Now, by the powers of StarClan looking down on this apprentice, Smokepaw, you will now be known as Smokestorm. StarClan honours you for your bravery and energy" Thrushstar said. Smokestorm beamed with pride and Russetfire smiled at him. Thrushstar then turned to Mallowpaw. "Mallowpaw, do you wish to fight for this clan, even at the cost of your life?" he asked.

"I do" Mallowpaw said, a little nervous, unlike her two siblings who already had their names. Thrushstar smiled at his daughter. "Now, by the powers of StarClan looking down on this apprentice, Mallowpaw, you will now be known as Mallowflower. StarClan honours you for your honesty and kindness" Thrushstar said, then finally turned to Hailpaw. "Hailpaw, do you wish to fight for this clan, even at the cost of your life?" he asked. "I do!" Hailpaw said like Russetfire and Smokestorm, only that he couldn't mask his excitement.

"Now, by the powers of StarClan looking down on this apprentice, Hailpaw, you will now be known as Hailwhisker. StarClan honours you for you enthusiasim and skill in battle" Thrushstar said.

"Russetfire, Smokestorm, Mallowflower and Hailwhisker!" The clan cheered. Russetfire smiled when she saw her mentor weakly coming out. He was still severly injured, but still had inner strength in him. "Well done Russetfire" Newtstep croaked to his former apprentice and half sister.

"Thank you for being the perfect mentor" Russetfire said. Newtstep smiled.

"Thank you for being the best apprentice" he replied.

24. The thought

Yellowstripe smiled as Mallowflower followed Hailwhisker onto theground. "Why, I never thought you would be a warrior" Yellowstripe said.

"I proved that wrong, didn't I?" Mallowflower asked.

"You did" Yellowstripe replied. "You did indeed."

"Thank you for being a great mentor" Mallowflower said.

"Thank you for being a great apprentice" Yellowstripe said. "Now, it's time for you to start your vigil."

Mallowflower nodded and ran after her siblings. Hickorypaw watched. "When will Timberpaw, Daisypaw and I become warriors?" he asked his father.

"Maybe in a couple of moons Hickorypaw" Yellowstripe said to his son, then thought he saw something as he felt a little odd. "What's wrong father?" Hickorypaw asked.

"Oh nothing" Yellowstripe said. "I thought somebody was watching us."

"Hickorypaw! It's time for some more training!" Thrushstar's voice echoed from the medicine den.

"Coming Thrushstar!" Hickorypaw yelled and left his father. I thought I saw Brokensnow Yellowstripe thought, remebering his mate. He popped his head through the empty nursery. He then saw the spot Brokensnow lost her life. He hissed and lay by his best friend's body. Redwing's fur was pale and as cold as the wind the night before his kits were born. He then realised something. The wind. Redwing's fur. It has to be a sign! But what does it mean? Yellowstripe thought.  I'll figure it out.

25. The long vigil

Smokestorm shivered as the wind blew his fur. I've been sitting here since sunhigh! How much longer is this going to take!? he thought. Russetfire loooked at him with the same gaze. Smokestorm wanted to talk to her, but he had to stay silent. Then, he thought of other things he could do when he was a little later into his warrior life. I could lead my first patrol! Have my own apprentice! Become deputy! Then become Smokestar, the greatest leader of HawkClan who ever lived!

All of those thoughts buzzed in his mind, like the bees that stung him and Russetfire when they were apprentices, practising a tree ambush. However, there was a long way to go until he would be leader. That was when he remembered the prophercy that he and Russetfire got. He had a look at Russetfire. She looked at him. Does she know my thoughts? Smokestorm thought. Smokestorm then avoided his sister's gaze until he saw the sun slowly rising. Finally! he thought. Wolfpelt came up to them. "Your vigil is over" she said and immedistely, Smokestorm and Russetfire rushed to the fresh kill. Smokestorm took a chaffinch and shared a sparrow with his sister. He was going to ask her if she read his thoughts, but then heard something. Is something bothering you? Russetfire's voice echoed in his head.

How did you do that?

How did you do that!?

They both looked at each other. Then, they took their nests to the warriors den and both fell asleep, wanting answers. Hawkstar and Ashtail stood in front of them. "We meet again my grandkits" Hawkstar said.

"Hawkstar, how can we commiunicate in our minds?" Russetfire asked. Hawkstar was about to answer, but it was Ashtail who spoke. "Do you remember the prophercy she gave you?" he asked.

"Of course" Smokestorm replied.

"You two have a strong bond that only death can stop" Hawkstar said. "So you two can talk in your minds."

"That's cool!" Smokestorm shouted.

"It is isn't it?" Ashtail said. Then, the two StarClan cats were about to leave, their tails intwind like they were when the two new warriors first saw them, but Hawkstar turned her head. "Do not abuse that power though you two. You can read other minds, but some are best to stay away from" she said and they left again. The ginger tom watched Hawkstar and Ashtail go off. Once Dustleap is on my side, I'll get my revenge.

26. The flood

Newtstep watched his former apprentice sleep affectionatly. His mate stood beside him. Although not fully recovered, Newtstep was a lot better already. "Our kits will become warriors one day" he said to Feathersplash. She smiled. "They'll be brave, just like you" she said.  "You never flinch or shy away from anything, especially battle."

"Your brave too" Newtstep said smiling. "You survived those sunrises when we thought you were dead." Feathersplash smiled, then looked outside quickly when lightning struck. "Isn't your father out in the forest!?" she asked alertingly. Newtstep's eyes widened.

"Yeah! He was training Hickorypaw!" he said. "I'm going to find him."

"Be careful" Feathersplash said.

'Don't worry. I'll be fine" Newtstep said and sprinted across the moor. "Father!?" he yelled.

"Newtstep!" Hickorypaw's voice yelled, then he showed.

"Hickorypaw, where's Thrushstar?" Newtstep asked.

"He was hit by a tree and fell into the creek" Hickorypaw said. "It's really flooded!"

"Where's Thrushstar now?" Newtstep asked.

"He's floating down the creek. I tried to grab him, but he was heavy" Hickorypaw replied.

"You did your best Hickorypaw" Newtstep said. "Get back to camp. I'll find my father." Hickorypaw nodded and bounded off. Newtstep then ran, unconcerned about the lightning and thunder. "Father, where are you!?" he yelled. Then, he saw a lifeless figure lying face down in the water. Father! he thought and bravely went into the water. He struggled through the rapid waves, but got to his father. He swam under Thrushstar and with a big struggle, got back onto land. Newtstep lay on his side, gasping for breath. "Are you okay?" a familiar voice asked. Yellowstripe looked over him. Once he caught his breath, Newtstep stood up. "Yeah, I'm okay, just breathless" he said.

"You were really brave today Newtstep" Yellowstripe said. "I was watching you."

"You were?" Newtstep asked, smiling. Yellowstripe also smiled.

"My son told me that you went off to find Thrushstar, so I went to find you as well to make sure you were okay and you are" he said. "You have made me proud, beyond any doubt, my first apprentice."

"Thank you Yellowstripe" Newtstep said, dipping his head. Yellowstripe smiled, then both saw Thrushstar regain conciousness. "Newtstep? Yellowstripe?" Thrushstar asked.

"It's okay Thrushstar, Newtstep got you out of the water" Yellowstripe said. Thrushstar smiled, while Newtstep gave his drenched chest fur some embaressed licks. "My son's all grown up" he said. Newtstep smiled to himself, then felt water flow from under his paws. He looked over his shoulder and saw the overflowing creek. Thrushstar also looked at the creek. "We need to go now!" he yelled and supported by his son and deputy, went towards camp. As they came, they saw the water folowing them like a large and fast moving snake. Newtstep and Yellowstripe backed away from Thrushstar when he was able to move by himself again and as Thrushstar and the majority of the HawkClan cats got up to highrock, Newtstep, Russetfire, Smokestorm, Yellowstripe and Feathersplash were stuck near the bottom of the ledge before a large wave sweped the wwarriors den clean, leaving a slippery space between the other cats.

27. Epilouge

Russetfire watched her half brother and former mentor cautiously move across the gap, but he almost slipped into the rushing waves. However, Stormtooth grabbed him by the scruff and pulled him along. "Alright I'll pull you across, you just have to walk a short distance before I can reach you" he said. Feathersplash walked across cautiously next, not making the mistake her mate did. Russetfire slowly inched towards the elder, but she found it more slippery than most. It wasn't long until she was in trouble. Stormtooth tried to grab her but it was too late. Russetfire slipped and fell into the waves.

Book 3: Raging waters will come out soon!