the wind was howling and the stars were shining from Silverpelt.all you coould see were the sillouettes of other cats.then Shadowscar saw a shadow dart out of camp.then a blood curtling shriek came from the nursery.Shadowscar darted toward the nursery emidiatly and heared a queen shriek "my kits are missing!" by then the whole camp was in panic all but Shadowscar who ran out of camp right after the queen had said kit`s were missing.he ran trying to track the cat but he couldn`t find a scent.he listened very hard then suddenly a heared a stick break and a slight hiss.he ran toward the sound and found himself in a clearing.he saw sillouette`s of cats all around him then heared the terrified mewling of kits.Shadowscar growled "give the kits back or i`ll rip your fur off!" he yowled.the cats just stared at him in silence then he tasted the scent of ShadowClanners.then a cat walked out of the shadows and Shadowscar realized it was Tigerstar! "give the kits back Tigerstar!" Tigerstar growled "i will never give these kits back!" Shadowscar yowled with rage and slaughtered the cat holding the kits.Shadowscar grabbed the kits by the scruff and darted away.but the Shadowclanners were gaining on him.Tigerstar jumped up and landed on Shadowscar pinning him.Shadowscar let go of the kits and screamed "run! get back to camp!" at that moment the kit`s darted back to camp to get hel.when they got back to camp the ShadowClanners broke thier pursiut.the kits were panting really hard.the queen ran up to them "my kits!" she yowled.the kits stood there in fear."Shadowscar is still back there fighting with Tigerstar!" one of the kits said "what!?" Firestar was shouldering past the cats "send a rescue patrol now!" .three cats imediatly darted out of the camp but as they were exiting the camp the saw Shadowscar with gashes all over his face and his neck half cut open and blood drizling from his mouth.the patrol brought him in the medcats' den and when he got there he fell onconsiose

P.S.this was actualy made by mitchster i just forgot to log in