Windheart, a queen, was in the nusery. She had three kits -- Frostkit, Hazelkit, and Sugarkit. Frostkit had a beautiful white pelt and  green eyes. Hazelkit was tawny-brown with hazel eyes, and Sugarkit was white with gray stripes and brown mouth with blue eyes. "Windheart, how are your kits doing?" The medicene cat, Blackpatches, asked. "They are all doing fine." Windheart replied. "What are there names?" Blackpatches asked. "The white kit Frostkit, the ginger kit Hazel kit, the calico kit is Sugarkit." Windheart meowed. "I love those names." Blackpatches purred. "Thank you. Where is Riverstone?" Windheart mewed. "At the ShadowClan border." Blakpatches replied. "Thank you." Windheart mewed with releif. Her kit's lives were at risk. ShadowClan and RiverClan had attacked alot, and WindClan stole alot of the ThunderClan prey. Warriors had been injured brutly by these Clans.


Sugarkit opened her eyes. They shone in the light. This light hurts my eyes! She thought. "Hey! She opened her eyes! Let's play!" Hazelkit mewed and she started pawing Sugarkit. "Stop." Sugarkit hissed. "You need to play!" Frostkit mewed joyfully. "I don't!" Hissed Sugarkit. Anger rushed threw her, and that exact moment she pounced on Frostkit. "Hey! That's actually fun!" Sugarkit mewed. She started purring as she played with her sisters. There father, Riverstone, returned. His gray pelt was damp. His amber eyes were dark. He went to Oakstar, the leader. "I couldn't find any fish at the river, the rabbits and mice were gone, and birds were not in the trees!" Riverstone yowled. "I shall send the warriors to the sunningrocks. Leafclaw said there where some dead mice." Oakstar suggested. "Why didn't you tell me before?" Riverstone mewed angerly. "You should show respect to me, for I am your leader." Oakstar hissed. "Well then, anwer me." Riverstone rolled his eyes as he said it, then sighed. "Because when you were gone, deputy Leafclaw figuered it. I would escort you there if I knew." Oakstar mewed.

Sugarkit stared at the arguement. Is this Clan life? Always arguements and hunger? Sugarkit thought. She was hungry, but there was only bones with blood on it to eat at the fresh-kill pile. I might as well try to hunt. Sugarkit thought.


Sugarkit sneaked into a bush. She crouched down and she looked for food. Nothing edibal for a cat was in her sight. Oh my StarClan, this must be what they were talking about! Nothing to eat! Sugarkit thought.

A nerby elder saw Sugarkit's calico colored tail stick out the bush. "Does any..,one... see who that... kit?" The elder asked. "It's me, Sugarkit. I'm looking for prey to hunt." Then after Sugarkit said those words, eight warriors jumped from the bushes with dead prey in there mouths. They dropped it to were the fresh-kill pile was. I want to be like those warriors! Sugarkit thought. She was happy to see the prey at the pile, and then she walked there and ate like crazy. A few other cats came. They ate happily. When all the clan ate, there was still food left. "What a miracle!" Windheart mewed. Everything was great.

Hazelkit and Frostkit started whispering to eachother. I wonder what there talking about. Sugarkit thought. She walked to the two, and they walked away. "That's strange." Sugarkit whispered to herself. So she went to the nursery and slept.


Sugarkits dreams were strange: Sugarkit recieved her apprentice name, then Frostkit and Hazelkit surrounded her. There claws were aiming for Sugarpaw. Sugarpaw cried for help, but no cat came to help.

Sugerkit woke up. She was totally frecked out. Would Frostkit and Hazelkit do suchthing? Sugarkit asked herself. She loved her sisters, but it seemed like they didn't love her. Sugarkit was mad. She couldn't live with sisters like this. She would have to stop there evil plans, if they did have evil plans. Sugarkit was scared of her sisters. She tried to be brave and walked up to them. "Frostkit, Hazelkit, time to wake up." She mewed, then pawed her sisters. "Leave us alone! Are you mouse-brain?" Hazelkit hissed. "What's wrong with you two, always avoiding me, like yesterday?" Sugarkit asked. "Nothing. Now shut up and leave us." Frostkit hissed. No-cat heard does cruel words. "Go run of to mum." Hazelkit said. "Try to tell on us. She won't believe you. She don't love you!" Frostkit snickered. "Stop!" Sugarkit said and stomped out the nursery. Hazelkit and Frostkit giggled. "Let's scare that mouse-brain!" Hazelkit laughed. "Yes! Altimate!" Frostkit snickered. The two went out the nursery quitley. Then when they were close to Sugarkit they jumped and landed on her. A huge yowling sound filled the air. Cats turned and stared and the three kits. Sugarkit's paw was crooked. Blackpatches emediantlly took Sugarkit to the medicene cat den. Frostkit and Hazelkit got in trouble.


Sugarkit had to lay in the medicene cats den. The medicene cat, Blackpatches, had to take care of her constinly to fix her paw. Days later her paw was better. Sugarkit was mad at her sisters.