Swiftstar belongs to Icetiger101.Please don't take her.



Swiftstar is a calm, soothing kind of cat. She hates violence when it has no reason and it ticks her off. She is an active leader and goes on patrols with her clan, enjoying spending time with friends and family. Swiftstar matured from warrior age when she was rambunctious, bold, sassy, and all of that. Now she is a kind gentle cat willing to help those in need. She tends to keep her goals to herself, and enjoys working independently.


Swiftstar is described as pretty. Her eyes are a deep shade of crystal blue, full of wisdom and knowledge. Her fur pattern consists of splotches of gray all over her body and one gray strip right above her nose. She also has a gray mask.

Her body is fall and graceful, her stance always elegant. The aura is strong and powerful, but can be as gentle as a dewdrop. Her tail is almost always held confidently and happy.




Art by Nibby the Bird!!!! TYSM!!! <3

Art by Sabbura-the-Sandwing!!!Shes so cute I love it!~