by: Me, moonheart


The moon glowed, and the stars shimmered. A white cat with black ears, legs, belly and tail with a brown patch on her left eye and glowing blue eyes walked across a grassland. My first hunting trip, now everythings gone wrong! She thought. She was mad, because a gray cat had blamed her on the murder of a kit. The calico's cat name was Moonheart. She was a new warrior. Her clan and ShadowClan had many battles when she was a kit. She was the caws of the war. Moonheart's life was all about a great prophecy given to her by StarClan.

Moonheart saw a shooting star blaze across the sky. Her blue eyes turned yellowish, then back to blue. Cats eyes were seen through bushes. Oh, no! Moonheart thought. Then a war waged.


Moonheart and Iceleaf sat near the elder's den. "I heared a secret--one never to be told to any, ThunderClan cat!" Iceleaf mewed excitigly. "What?"Asked Moonheart. "You carry a--prochecy! One that's so deadly, that if you knew the key power of the secret, you'll have to fight for a chance to control every part of it. Waste your blood in the battle if you have to." Iceleaf whispered. Moonheart was so silent, it was scary. "Um, Moonheart, you okay?" Iceleaf asked. "Yeah, but the prohecy, how do you know? Why can't ThunderClan know?" Moonheart asked. "A RiverClan cat told me." Iceleaf replied. "RiverClan's so stengy!" Moonheart hissed. I don't carry a prophecy! What a lie! Moonheart thought. "Stupid RiverClan lies! Everyday a new lie!" Moonheart spat. She ran to the leader, named Foreststar. "Do I carry a prophecy? Iceleaf told me!" Moonheart hissed. "Shh, you do! Only ThunderClan knows!" Foreststar whispered. "But Iceleaf said that RiverClan knows!" Moonheart mewed. "No! What a lie! Who told her?" Foreststar asked. "I--I don't know." Moonheart said.

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