Legend tells us about a great battle upon the four clans: ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. It was a large battle. All warriors, apprentices, leaders, queens and older kits had to fight for their lives. It was dangerous, and may cats died.

But with the rise of one warrior, the next great battle will be stopped if he does the right things. If he fails, all cats may die...

Chapter One: The Warriors Prepare

Cats fighting

Stormfire and Lightningpelt fighting

"Today, our warriors will prepare for war!" Shinestar announced on a large rock called highrock. Stormfire looked up. He hated war. Especially if all clans fought. Now his heart beated fast. I will die! He thought. He saw his friend, Lightingpelt, look at him as if he was going to die, too. Stormfire heard the words "death" and "you might die" in the crowd of ThunderClan warriors.

When the announcement was over, Duskfang, the medicene cat, went over to Stormfire. "Are you okay? You looked pretty scared about war." he said. "Well, what else could I be scared of!" Stormfire said, rudely. Duskfang gave a dismayed look. "You don't talk like that to your elders! Especially the medicene cat!" Duskfang hissed. He turned around and left to the medicene cat den. Stormfire went to the fresh kill pile. He took a plump rat. He started eating. He saw many apprentices and warriors practicing. Few took rests, brief ones. Then they started practicing.

Ambermist, A beautiful brown tabby with green eyes, pounced on Stormfire. He jumped. He hissed at her. "Why in StarClans name did you do that?" he hissed. "We're suppose to battle train for war, remember?!" Ambermist mewed. "Well, we are warriors. We know how to battle train." Stormfire said. "This is special war! War that all cats will fight in! You mouse-brained fool!" Ambermist hissed. She tackled Stormfire and clawed at his head. He scratched her face. "STOP!" He hissed. He scratched her again in the same spot. Ambermist stopped. "One more time that you try to be a smart-mouth, I bet another cat will kill you!" Ambermist mewed calmly.

Stormfire wanted to yell at Ambermist. But he just would look stupid doing that. Stormfire saw Lightningpelt walking to him. "She-cats are like that. Now lets battle-train!" Lightningpelt mewed. "I feel like a apprentice." Stormfire said grumply. Then he and Lightningpelt practice fought.