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This Wiki is for all those people who love Warriors and the cats of the Clans. Here people can write and create their own Warrior Clans and cats, as well as write stories for them. And now we have Role Playing Clans.

Creating Warriors Articles

Please keep this place clean, since viewers of all ages are going to read here. When writing an article, please put the Clan's name as a last name. For example: Firestar ThunderClan, instead of just Firestar. That way, everyone knowns what group the cat is from. And if there are repeating names, the viewer knows which one is which. When writing a Clan name, please capital the C in Clan, for example: ThunderClan instead of Thunder clan or Thunderclan. Crossover fanfictions are okay around here too, just don't kill off any one else's cat or any of the ones in the Clans without permission from the creator. Also, please don't change anyone's Clan or character without asking. If an user decides to change the character's name, for example: Fireheart to Firestar, then rename the page.

Note: this isn't a wiki, it's a fanon wiki.

Check out this site of ideas about warrior characters:Cat Breeds! You can make your character more believable by using a real cat breed and putting their special talent to use!

Role Playing

We have five Role Playing Clans needed to be added. Be sure to read the Roleplay Rules before making you first role play. You can join one or all five Clans as a different cat. You can be more than one cat too. You can start as an apprentice or a warrior or even a kit! You can even have mates and children and of course an apprentice! Have fun role playing Warriors!

We have roleplaying Clans! here they are:

Canon Clans:







Fanon Clans:






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