This page features the category system of the wiki! If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about this system, please feel free to contact any of the community's mods/admins.

Here are a few basic rules about wiki categorization...

Rules and Guidelines

  • Please do not create new categories. The only way a new category may be created is if permission has been obtained by a content mod or an admin. Once the community grows, we may be able to hold wiki-wide votes on whether or not the new category should be implemented. :3
  • Content categories are allowed. These are categories that look like this : Content (YourUsername). For example, my content category is Content (GlenDusk), and all the fan articles that I create are put under this category. You do not need to ask permission to make a content category.
  • Feel free to fix categories. Pages with category errors (incorrect categories, lacking certain categories, etc.) may be edited so that the categorization is fixed. Nothing else on this page may be edited - if you think that there has been some rule infringement, please let a mod/admin know. :3
  • Ask questions! Are you confused about the categories? Questions? Concerns? Please feel free to let someone know - they'll be glad to help!

Character Categorization



Fanfiction Categorization


Any questions or concerns? Please feel free to comment, or let a mod/admin know. Thank you for taking the time to read this article - I hope that it was useful. :3