~The Demotion System~

-Organised and planned by Dew and the admins-

If you are a privileged user and you think another privileged user should be demoted, you can leave a message in the talk.



Inactivity is a huge problem around the wiki. If a user does not contribute for two months or more, they are classified as inactive. Unless you leave an inactivity blog, you will be demoted for inactivity.


Neglectance is when admins neglect the wiki, making it seem they disappeared completely and without any traces (blog posts, messages etc). They 'neglected' their rights.


Sometimes you get rude and start shouting at people, posting rude things or even blocking a user (as a privileged user) without a good reason. This can lead to demotion and even a block, depending on the problem. A screenshot is usually required to prove acts of rudeness.

Abusing your rights

Some users are very greedy for the rights of a privileged user, so sometimes, after they earn these rights, they abuse them. This includes demoting other privileged users, blocking random users and deleting pages when not requested. This will lead to instant demotion, with a thread for users to vote to decide whether to promote the user back or not.

More will be added soon. This is all I can think of, but I hope I can get help from the other privileged users.